The Grand Adventure

A day in the life of Knows-Not-What-Tomorrow-Brings

Well, you can call me Lori, or Brio. I'm 24. Finished up my bachelor's degree around a year ago. I live in Daejeon, South Korea. I've lived in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Texas, Nebraska, Kentucky, and Florida, and now South Korea. I used to be an athlete, and I'm getting back there. I take joy in my co-workers saying I'm 'hard core' about working out. I don't own a car, luckily in Korea not many people do so I'm among good company. I take the subway or the bus or the A-rail. Or, I walk. I'm smart, can be lazy, love art and doing artistic things, kinda geeky and totally ok with that. Oh, and I'm a Christian. This is very important to me. Speaking of which, if you're in or around or passing through Louisville Kentucky on a Sunday I would highly suggest visiting Sojourn Community Church. It'll blow your mind.

This journal is here as a place for me to catalog what goes on and what I'm thinking while living and working abroad. A place for people to read what happens in my life, and a chance for an open dialogue about it. Also, it's a nifty place to put my fiction.

What else? I hate spiders that are over an inch in size. I hate being told I can't do something. I love Pusan. I love cooking for other people. I lust after the Adobe Creative Suite.